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Directv was one of the main sponsors of the World Cup in Latin America (except Brazil) and they wanted to offer more than just great broadcasting: they want to bring a high-quality experience in sound, image and interactivity to their audience.

Our challenge was to sell to the audience a bunch of new technological features in an emotional and passionate way.

During the World Cup, Latin Americans don’t work, don’t go out on a date, don’t care about the girlfriend, family, nothing. We ignore the world around. All we talk about, think about, is Soccer.

After four long years, it’s finally the World Cup. Nothing Else Matters.

(Check the original manifesto mockup and the final video below)





After more than 100 interviews around LATAM countries, we realized that the for Southern Americans, the WC wasn’t in Brazil, but in South America. It was a South American event, and everybody was proud of it. It wasn’t about winning or losing, but about the feeling of host a World Cup.

We created a three waves strategy. Digital was the core of a storytelling ecosystem that included: long-form content, second screen app, TV commercial 15″ and 30″, fantasy game, social media, real-time marketing, ooh and, native ads.






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